An Engineer’s Guide to MATLAB

About the Author

EDWARD B. MAGRAB is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park. He has been an active researcher in vibrations, acoustics and, more recently, in the integration of design and manufacturing. Prior to joining the University of Maryland he held several supervisory positions at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), including Chief of the Sound Section, Head of the Robot Metrology Group and Manger of the vertical machining work station in their Automated Manufacturing Research Facility. He went to NISTafter being a Professor in the Department of Mechanics at the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. He has written numerous journal articles and authored five other books on vibrations, noise control, dynamic measurements and integrated design. Dr. Magrab is a fellow of ASME and a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Maryland.


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3 edition (January 11, 2011)

About the Author

Balakumar Balachandran

Edward B. Magrab

Gregory Walsh

James Duncan

Keith Herold

Shapour Azarm

An Engineer’s Guide to MATLAB, 3/e, is an authoritative guide to generating readable, compact, and verifiably correct MATLAB programs. It is ideal for undergraduate engineering courses in Mechanical, Aeronautical, Civil, and Electrical engineering that require/use MATLAB.

This highly respected guide helps students develop a strong working knowledge of MATLAB that can be used to solve a wide range of engineering problems. Since solving these problems usually involves writing relatively short, one-time-use programs, the authors demonstrate how to effectively develop programs that are compact yet readable, easy to debug, and quick to execute. Emphasis is on using MATLAB to obtain solutions to several classes of engineering problems, so technical material is presented in summary form only. The new edition has been thoroughly revised and tested for software release 2009.

From the Back Cover

The primary goal of An Engineer’s Guide to MATLAB is to help the reader develop a strong knowledge of MATLAB to solve a wide range of engineering problems. Matrix notation is introduced at the outset and employed consistently in all illustrative scripts and functions to create compact, readable, and efficient MATLAB scripts. There is an emphasis on displaying the results graphically. The book can also be used as a reference for obtaining numerical solutions to a wide range of engineering problems, as a source of applications of a wide variety of MATLAB solution techniques and as a supplement for many engineering courses.


  • Emphasizes engineering subjects of practical importance, each of which is introduced by a concise summary of the applicable theoretical results.
  • Over 200 worked examples from a very wide range of engineering topics illustrate the various ways to use MATLAB and illustrate important engineering principles and their extensions.
  • Numerous illustrations of the Controls, Simulink, Statistics, Optimization and PDE (Partial Differential Equation) toolboxes, including detailed instructions on how to use Simulink to solve control systems and pdetool to solve problems in solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics and heat transfer.
  • The chapters applying MATLAB to various engineering subjects were written by experts in their fields.
  • Over 175 challenging exercises covering a wide range of engineering topics.
  • Extensively classrooms-tested at the sophomore level through the first year graduate level.