Reservoir Engineering Handbook – 3rd Edition

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Dr. Tarek H. Ahmed, Ph.D., P.E., is the founder of Tarek Ahmed & Associates Ltd; a consulting firm specializes in providing high quality public and in-house Petroleum Engineering courses and consulting services to the petroleum industry worldwide. Dr. Ahmed is a former Professor and Chairman of the Petroleum Engineering Department at Montana Tech of the University of Montana. Previously, he had held positions as a Reservoir Engineering Advisor with Anadarko Petroleum, Baker Hughes, and Gaffney, Cline & Associates. Dr. Ahmed authored numerous SPE technical papers and several textbooks, including:

* Hydrocarbon Phase Behavior * Reservoir Engineering Handbook * Advanced Reservoir Engineering * Equations of State and PVT Analysis

* Advanced Reservoir Engineering Management (in stores next year)

Dr. Ahmed is currently completing a new textbook on Unconventional Reservoirs.

Dr. Ahmed taught numerous Reservoir Engineering courses, including:

* Basic and Advanced Reservoir Engineering * EOS and PVT Analysis * Enhanced Oil Recovery * Decline Curve Analysis * Reservoir Simulation * Natural Gas Engineering


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3rd Edition
April 27, 2006

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Reservoir engineering is the design and evaluation of field development and exploitation processes and programs. This topic encompasses the field of geology, drilling and completion, production engineering and reserves and evaluation.
This book details essential information as well as insight and is a comprehensive up-to-date reference tool for the reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers and engineering students alike. Acting as a guide to predicting oil reservoir performance this edition analyses through the analysis of oil recovery mechanisms and performance calculations, and spells out the fundamentals of reservoir engineering and their application through a comprehensive field study. Several examples from a wide variety of applications demonstrate the performance of processes under forceful conditions. Key relationships among the different operating variables are also thoroughly described.

* New chapters on decline and type curve analysis as well as reservoir simulation
* Updated material including the liquid volatility parameter, commonly designated Rv
* Provides a guide to predicting oil reservoir performance through the analysis of oil recovery mechanisms and performance calculation

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