Programming with MATLAB for Scientists – 1st Edition

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CRC Press






1 edition
(January 12, 2018)

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About the Author

Eugeniy E. Mikhailov


This book is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to program with MATLAB and seeks a concise and accessible introduction to programming,
MATLAB, and numerical methods. The author hopes that readers will find here all necessary materials for handling their everyday computational and programming problems. Even more seasoned readers may find useful insights on familiar methods or explanations for puzzling issues they might encounter.
We will start with simple concepts and build up a skill set suitable to model, simulate, and analyze real-life systems. Additionally, this book provides a broad
overview of the numerical methods necessary for successful scientific or engineering work. We will get familiar with a “lore” of computing, so you will know what
to look for when you decide to move to more advanced techniques. The book is based on material of the one semester “Practical Computing for Scientists” class taught at the College of William & Mary for students who have not yet declared a major or students majoring in physics, neuroscience, biology, computer science, applied math and statistics, or chemistry. The students who successfully took this class were at all levels of their academic careers; some were freshmen, some where seniors, and some were somewhere in between

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