Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists – 3rd Edition

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3 edition
(September 30, 2013)

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Amos Gilat

Vish Subramaniam


This textbook is intended fr a frst course in numerical methods fr students in engineering and science, typically taught in the second year of college. The book covers the fndamentals of numerical methods fom an applied point of view. It explains the basic ideas behind the various methods and shows their useflness fr solving problems in engineering and science.

In the past, a numerical methods course was essentially mathematical, emphasizing numerical analysis and theory. More recently, due to the availability of powerfl desktop computers and computing software that is both affordable and powerfl, the content and nature of a frst course in numerical methods fr engineering and science students are changing. The emphasis is shifting more and more toward applications and toward implementing numerical methods with ready-to-use tools.

In a typical course, students still lea the fndamentals of numerical methods. In addition, however, they lear computer programming (or improve their programming skills if they have already been introduced to programming), and use advanced sofware as a tool fr solving problems. MATLAB is a good example of such sofware. It can be used by students to write their own programs, and can be used as a tool fr solving problems using its built-in fnctions. One of the objectives of a course in numerical methods is to prepare students in science and engineering fr fture courses in their areas of specialization (and their fture careers) where they will have to use computers fr solving problems.

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