Gas Turbine Handbook Fourth edition Principles and Practice – 4th Edition

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Gas Turbine Handbook Fourth edition Principles and Practice – 4th Edition



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4th Edition
February 11, 2009

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Newly revised and edited, this best-selling reference provides the fundamental information you’ll need to understand both the operation and proper application of all types of gas turbines. The full spectrum of hardware, as well as typical application scenarios are fully explored, along with operating parameters, controls, inlet and exhaust treatments, inspection, troubleshooting, noise control, inlet cooling for power augmentation and NOx control. A full chapter is devoted to microturbines. The fourth edition places additional emphasis on critical elements of centrifugal and axial compressors, including detailed information on the compression process and the parameters that impact it. The author has provided many helpful tips that will enable diagnosis of problems in their early stages and analysis of failures to prevent their recurrence. Also treated are the effects of the external environment on gas turbines operation and life, as well as the impact of the gas turbine on its surrounding environmen

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