Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius – 1st Edition

About the Author

Dave Cutcher teaches electronics, technology, and industrial arts in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. An enthusiastic electronics hobbyist and member of the Vancouver Robotics Club and the Seattle Robotics Society, he shared the plans in this book with fellow teachers. They urged him to write this book


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: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics






1st Edition
November 24, 2004

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About the Author

Dave Cutcher

There is truly a lack of good, basic hardwire electronic “how-to” books. The market seems interested in this type of fun project compilation. This is another book in our extremely successful “Evil Genius” series. So far, each of the books has sold about $50,000 in less than 3 months.

The perfect addition to our “Evil Genius” series, this book details everything an electronics hobbyist would want to know about circuits and circuit design through 57 Lessons. Readers work through 5 distinct, useful projects to reinforce their learning.

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